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Getting to the Park

There are several ways to get to Aigüestortes, on both public and private transport. But bear in mind that the public transport in the regions around the Park is not great and getting about can be tricky if you don’t have a car.

Wheeled vehicles can access at several park entrances and parking sites. These parking areas may be inaccessible temporally along the year due weather conditions.
Vehicles wider than 2 meters may not fit in the park roads due the track width.
Parkings have limited capacity, so these areas may be full on high season. In this case, access will be temporarily limited and eventually completely closed.  
In winter season (mainly from November to April) because of ice or snow conditions, park entrances and its roads may be closed.
It’s strongly recommended to ask for information about access conditions and constraints before visiting the Park. Visitors can address to Park offices and information centers.

The main Park offices are located in the villages of Boí and Espot, where you need to go to get to the best-known spots: Aigüestortes and Lake Sant Maurici. You can get to other parts via the neighbouring villages: El Pont de Suert, Senet (which has a Park information centre) in L’Alta Ribagorça. Sort and Llessui (home of the Shepherds’ Ecomuseum, which is also a National Park information point) in El Pallars Sobirà. La Pobla de Segur and La Torre de Cabdella in El Pallars Jussà, and Vielha, Arties and Salardú, in the Val d’Aran.
The application below has a map showing routes into the Catalonia’s parks and help you plan a route to get to the Natural Park or Site of your choice from anywhere in Europe.

On public transport

Coach: ALSA coach company (formerly Alsina Graells) runs a daily coach service from Barcelona, Lleida and Tremp to most of the villages around the Park.
Although several lines go to villages in the central Pyrenees, not all coaches run every day of the week, or all year round. There a very few options, although it may be possible to travel on lines to Tremp or La Pobla de Segur. Visit the company website first:
From Barcelona, there are coaches to La Pobla de Segur, Esterri d’Àneu and Vielha (via Lleida or Balaguer),
From Lleida, there are coaches to Esterri d’Àneu and Vielha,
From Tremp, some coaches go to Esterri d’Àneu,
In summer there are coaches between El Pont de Suert and Boí, and between Esterri d’Àneu and Vielha. You can also take the Park Bus, which runs daily between Espot and Boí via Vielha.
To visit Aigüestortes, you have to go to Boí. To there you can get a bus from Barcelona or Lleida to El Pont de Suert. From there there is bus to Boí (check timetables and seasons).
To get to Lake Sant Maurici you have to go to Espot. The coach runs from Barcelona or Lleida to the Espot crossroads (between Escaló and La Guingueta). From there it is 7 km up to the village. Espot has a 4 x 4 taxi service that picks up visitors by appointment (+34 973 624 105).
Train: A train from Lleida takes you to La Pobla de Segur, about 60 km from Espot or Boí. From there, you can take an ALSA coach.


The Park Bus: Walk around the Park and go back on Bus

Bus del parc

The Bus of the Park is a public transport service that works during the summer, from June to September. This service connects, twice every day, the two main entries of the National Park: Boí (Alta Ribagorça), and Espot (Pallars Sobirà) passing through the Val d'Aran.

The Bus runs outside the Park, passing through many of the villages that surround it. It is especially useful for those people that like to walk long trails and need to come back to the starting point. Good walkers have very interesting tours that can be planned consulting the timetables of the Bus and the taxis, the cartography of the Park and the available vacancies in the mountain huts. It also allows those people who don't have a car to move around the area

The price of the tickets varies depending on the starting and stop points. There are discounts for roundtrip tickets. Pets and bicycles are not allowed. Large groups are strongly recommended to call previously the Bus company.


Transport in the Park: 4x4 taxis and Lake Gento cable car

foto taxis

Cars are restricted in the National Park. They must be left in one of the car parks near the entrances to the Park and visitors must then proceed on foot.
If you would like to start your walk from higher up, you can take a 4x4 taxi.
In Boí and Espot, the 4x4 taxis run a shuttle service all year round up to Aiguestortes and Lake Sant Maurici. Once up there, you can hike further up if you want, check the times of return journeys. Espot taxis also take you along tracks in the eastern sector of the Park (see taxi website for more information).
In the Val d'Aran, in the summer, a discretional transport service in Ribera d’Aiguamòg and Ribera de Valarties makes it easier to walk to the shelters at Colomèrs and Era Restanca, respectively.
In the Fosca Valley, a cable car operates from July to September from the Sallente reservoir to Lake Gento, the starting point for a number of interesting hikes.

Updated date: 05.05.2011